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Master Index To British Sockets Section


Early British Socket Bayonets (1690-1796)

1703_1722 Colonel's Bayonets04/19/2000
1750-1764 Early Style04/19/2000
1750-1764 Later Style04/19/2000
1770 Board of Ordnance04/19/2000
1780 Short Land Pattern Musket04/19/2000

British Socket Bayonets (1796-1851)

1796-1819 BO India Pattern Bayonet04/19/2000
1802 New Land Pattern04/19/2000
1813-1815 India Pattern Brown Bess with Large Collar04/19/2000
1830-40 Brown Bess from Irish Militia or Country House04/19/2000
1831 Percussion Trials04/19/2000
1832 New Land Sergeant's Pattern04/19/2000
1839 Sea Service Brown Bess with Lovell Catch04/19/2000
1851 Minie Rifle04/19/2000
4" Brown Bess Bayonet with Spring Catch04/19/2000
4" Brown Bess with Extended first step04/19/2000
4" Brown Bess with Extended third step04/19/2000
4" Brown Bess with India Pattern Shoulders Dated 180305/30/2000
4" Brown Bess with New Land Pattern Shoulders04/19/2000
4" Brown Bess with New Land Pattern Shoulders Dated 180305/30/2000

Early British Carbine Bayonets (1740-1797)

1740 Carbine Bayonet with Shield Attachment04/19/2000
1747 Artillery Carbine Bayonet04/19/2000
1760-70 Volunteer Carbine Bayonet04/19/2000
1770 Heavy Dragoon Carbine Bayonet (Early Style)04/19/2000
1770 Heavy Dragoon Carbine Bayonet (Late Style)04/19/2000
1773 Elliott Carbine Bayonet (Early Style)09/06/2000
1773 Elliott Carbine Bayonet (Late Style, Post 1796 India Pattern)04/19/2000
1773 Volunteer Elliott Carbine Bayonet (Early Style)04/19/2000
1793-1803 Volunteers Carbine or Fusil Bayonet04/19/2000
1794 Harcourt Carbine Bayonet04/19/2000
1797 Sergeants (India Pattern)04/19/2000

British Carbine Bayonets (Post 1797)

1815 Baker Socket Bayonet04/19/2000
1830 India Pattern Volunteers Carbine or Fusil Bayonet04/19/2000
1840 Constabulary Carbine with Lovell Catch (1844)04/19/2000
1840 Constabulary Carbine with unusual collar04/19/2000
1840 Hanoverian Constabulary Carbine04/19/2000
1840-50 Volunteer Lovell Carbine04/19/2000
1841 Artillery Carbine converted to Lovell Catch04/19/2000
1841 Artillery Carbine with Lovell Catch04/19/2000
1850 Land Transport Carbine04/19/2000
1850 Lovell Constabulary Converted to Land Transport04/19/2000

Unusual Modifications To British Socket Bayonets

Brown Bess Boat Hook04/19/2000
Indian Pattern Brown Bess with cut socket04/19/2000
Short Brown Bess Bayonet04/19/2000

Early British Socket Bayonet Scabbards

1750 Carbine Scabbard04/19/2000
1750 Scabbard04/19/2000
1750-1790 Frog04/11/2000
1784 Scabbard04/19/2000
1790 Scabbard04/19/2000
1797 India Pattern Scabbard with matching Regimental Markings04/11/2000
1800-1850 Carbine Scabbard04/11/2000
1802 New Land Pattern Scabbard04/11/2000
1803 Volunteer Scabbard04/11/2000
1812-13 Trial Iron Scabbard04/11/2000

Post 1815 British Socket Bayonet Scabbards

1815 Baker Socket Scabbard04/11/2000
1830-40 Scabbard and frog from a Irish Militia unit or Country House04/11/2000
1840-50 Volunteer Constabulary Carbine Scabbard04/11/2000
1840-60 Constabulary Carbine Scabbard04/11/2000
British General pattern scabbard 1815-185304/11/2000